Today I came home from school and looked in my mailbox to see this stack of paper in there. Once I got inside and sat down to read it.  
“Dear neighbor,
My name is Jaquan. I am Delane’s son from across the street. As you may have seen, I am a Muslim and in light of the recent events such as, the bombings in Boston and 9/11 which seems like yesterday, I wanted to let my neighbors know that although the people who did these tragic acts may have been Muslims this in no way is a teaching of Islam. On the contrary you will find in the below materials a completely different portrait of Islam, which hopefully should settle the confusion and wipe away any misunderstandings. Also, if you have any questions whatsoever regarding Islam, I have been studying Islam for five years and I have learned Arabic. I have access to the original text of Islam in the original language. I will, God willing, answer your questions. My email address is in on the inside cover of the Quran translation. 
Have a blessed day. “
My neighbor gave us little books on all these things. Just the fact that he took the time out of his day to try and explain his religion to an unsure country actually makes me happy and sad at the same time. It’s sad that we group evil people with a larger group of peacefully loving people. It also makes me happy to see that the peacefully people like him want to show the world that a few bad leaves never can ruin a peacefully tree. I just thought I’d share because it moved me at the kindness and love Muslims give.

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